Friday, March 04, 2005


I am bitten by the wanderlust bug. I would LOVE to just get out right now and head off to some place i haven't been in a long time (beach, anyone?) Unfortunately, funds have made my dream somewhat unreachable for now... So, to assuage my lust for the road, i have taken to looking over my pics of recent trips, remembering the fun times. :-)

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For the folks who inquired about the Banaue trip, you can get your tickets (direct to Banaue) at Autobus, in Sampaloc, Manila (near UST). Trip to Banaue leaves at 10pm. Best to get the tickets 5 hours before (they don't do reservations). You can contact our tour guide/driver, West, through 0919.448.89.36. Best to plan the trip with him once you meet up, to make use of your afternoon before you head out somewhere (it's also good to get his opinion on where to go, and which inns to stay at). When in Batad, check out Rita's Inn for their great food.The Hillside Inn was a great place to stay inn, cos they offer a better view for P100 --- get the basement rooms!

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My friend, Junie, is here for a week with her mom who's visiting. Yehey! I finally get to see her again! :-) It's been so long and i have not been able to see her every time i am at the province (she works and studies Nursing in her free time). *sigh* I miss her a lot! :-) I can't wait to hang out with her!


Sayesha said...


Was not sure where to post the reply to the question you posted on my blog, so am gonna post it on both yours and mine! :)

Here goes...

If this is gonna be your first visit to Singapore, you'll probably love the typical tourist places! Contrary to what one may perceive, Singapore does have things other than food, clubbing and shopping! ;)

If you like animals, the night safari and Jurong bird park are must-sees! And of course, Sentosa island's good too. You'll need one whole day to see all of it, though! :) And take the cable car, don't take the road!

East Coast beach is great for cycling and roller-blading.

The Esplanade provides a beautiful backdrop for photos-that-prove-you-visited-Singapore! :)

kay said...

wow, thanks for sharing the info! i might go this summer if i'm not too broke... :)

have you tried sagada out?

Sayesha said...

Nope, never been to the Philippines! But I hope to, some day! :)

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